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Special Educational Needs

Dedicated staff, committed to equality and inclusion.

We are passionate about inclusive education. Whether you are integrated into a mainstream setup or working as part of a specialist school, Choice Teachers have the knowledge and understanding to supply educators into even the most demanding roles.

We have worked with many clients and helped them to navigate challenging situations, with a minimum impact on service users. We have the capacity to cover emergency requirements and plan for longer term absences in the following areas;

  • Cognition and learning Needs. (SpLD, MLD, SLD & PMLD)
  • Behaviour, Emotional and Social Needs. (BESD)
  • Communication and Interaction Needs. (SLCN, ASD)
  • Sensory and/or Physical Needs. (VI, HI, MSI & PD)

We are skilled and experienced at working with those in challenging circumstances and helping towards helping all students access learning through the search and selection of specialised staff. Our areas of expertise extend to students at risk and permanently excluded, but also those with other issues in accessing the curriculum including medical, school refusers, NEET and the YOT. We also offer tuition based services in primary and secondary.

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Reasons To Join Choice Teachers

Reasons To Join
Choice Teachers

Consistent Work Options.

Our extensive client list is made up of individual education providers, large Multi Academy Trusts and all those in-between. A lot of our work is on a preferred supplier basis, which means that you can be comfortable in the knowledge that you will have work where you want it, when you want it!

Flexible Working Arrangements.

Working with Choice Teachers offers you great flexibility. Not only do you choose your working days and hours, but we will also give you the opportunity to work within multiple settings within your area. Every candidate has an availability calendar which can be updated by your consultant, meaning that we will only contact you for work on the days that you want to work!

Permanent Opportunities.

We are seeing an increase in schools looking to make our staff permanent. Sometimes this can happen straight away, although quite often this can be on a ‘temp to perm’ basis, giving you and the hirer the opportunity to check it is a good fit for you both!

CPD Training

We offer full training for those joining the company on entry level roles, completely free of charge. For more information on our Certificated CPD training, please visit the link below:


Excellent rates of pay (Paid via PAYE)

We pay our staff competitive daily supply rates and take in to account your qualifications and level of teaching experience.

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